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DG1022A 2x25MHz Generator + Citac 200MHz built-in 200MHz counter

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DG1022A 2x25MHz Generator + Citac 200MHz  built-in 200MHz counter

DG1022A Generator+Citac 100mHz~200MHz ,100MSa/s,14bit,4kpts

DG1000 series function/arbitrary waveform generators use Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) technology. They could generate accurate, stable, clean, low distortion signals.


  • Adopt advanced DDS technology; dual channel output; 100 MSa/s maximum sampling rate; 14 bits vertical accuracy
  • Output 5 standard waveforms; built-in 48 arbitrary waveforms
  • Abundant modulation functions: AM, FM, PM, FSK, linear/logarithm sweep and burst
  • Abundant output and input: waveform output;synchronous signal output; external modulation source, external 10 MHz reference clock input,external trigger input
  • Unique channel coupling and channel copy
  • Built-in high precision and wide band counter, the measurement range: 100 mHz ~ 200 MHz (single channel) 
  • Standard configuration interfaces: USB Device & USB Host, and support U-disc storage
  • Seamlessly interconnect with DS1000 series digital oscilloscope
  • Powerful arbitrary waveform editing software“UltraWave”
  • Support remote control by commands
  • A variety of display modes
  • Clear graphical interface
  • Support  Chinese and English menu and input
  • Button-help makes information getting easier  
  • File management (support for USB flash device and local storage)



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